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To view the photos - click here Don Walker, MG TC Maurice Linehan & Steph, MG TC Geoff & Judy Glasson, MG TD David Mc Nabb, MG TD Jeanette Walsingham-Meath, MG TF Dietmar & Wendy Sauer, MGB David Mc Naughton, MGB Bryan & Wendy Turner, MGB June & David Hill, MGB Peter & Marilyn Young, MGB Ken & Heather Burke, MGB Berry Treffers & Brandy the dog, MGB Brian & Coralee Taylor, MGB Steve Spong & Barb Harrington, MGB Alf & Joan Hart, MGB Trevor Wareing, MGB John & Sian Joseph, MGB Lyn & Bob Rose, MGB Dean & Ann Ghoat, MGB Lester Williamson, MGB Dean & Ann Hosking, MGB V8 Adrian Ward & Rosa Binetti, MGB GT Steve & Sue Holmes, MGB GT Neil & Lynn Stag, MGB GT Colin Gore, MG RV8 Peter & Sharon Coulson, MG ZR Trevor & Helen Praite, MG ZR David & Cathy Mazwell, MG ZS Colin & Cherie Chapman Neil & Sue Lunn Paul West Gary & Lyn Davies Back to Top The plan was for a balmy summers evening drive along the coast from Brighton to Largs Pier, however our weird summer weather had different ideas. However for the select few who made the run it was a great evening.
Have you ever tried to understand why a man will fall hard for a certain woman, even though she might not seem like the best match for him? THE REASONS HE WON’T FALL IN LOVE A man doesn’t decide to be with a woman because he values a relationship and having true love in his life.