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Henney became a household name through the South Korean hit TV drama, My Lovely Sam Soon, aka My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Henry Kim, a surgeon who is devotedly in love with Hee-jin (played by Jung Ryeo-won).
Here we attempt to resolve and date the cyanobacterial ancestry of the chloroplast using phylogenetic analysis and molecular clocks.

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Story credit: Catnkitten American Bobtail originated in the late 1960s with a male brown tabby kitten with a bobtail found on an Indian reservation in the Southwest U. The couple who found the kitten raised him and later bred him to a longtail female.

The subsequent offspring formed the foundation of the American Bobtail breed.

Story credit: The Abyssinian Home Page Rouge Aegean Cat Breed Country of origin Greece The Aegean cat (only native Greek breed of cat.) originated from the Cycladic Islands of Greece and its development was started by the breeders in fledgling Greek Cat Fancy in early 1990.

Characteristics of the Aegean cat Aegean cat has a semi longhaired coat without any down hair and has a rich tail.

The main reason remain behind its popularity is that no genetic defects are associated with the curl gene.

Story credit: Cats About cats.The American Curl is famous for its ears which are uniquely curled.

In December 1981, Shulamith delivered her first litter of four kittens. A geneticist who was contacted to study this phenomenon confirmed that this unusual; curled ear was a genetic feature and was inherited in every case and there is no deformities attached to it.

In 1983, an American Curl was exhibited at a cat show for the first time.

Due to this they are mostly used as pest controllers in the rural areas.

Aegean Cats as pets share a very good relationship with humans.