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I thought very carefully about the issue, and initially, I sided with the school.

The kids were too young for these kind of experiences. " I asked."Well, Katy said that it doesn't matter what the school says, Jake is still her boyfriend.

Sadly, though, none of the boys I liked ever liked me back.

My 11 year old daughter has a "boyfriend", what should I do?

Third, girls shouldn't have a one on one date until they are at least sixteen. A teenage girl should always be on equal footing psychologically and mentally when she is dating.

When teen girls date teen boys, they often look up to them and are vulnerable to wanting to please their dates.

Particularly nice, sensitive girls, do things they'd rather not because they don't want to "hurt" their date's feelings.

An astonishing 40% of 14-18 year old girls have sex they don't want simply because they don't want to upset their boyfriends.

I have seen resurgence in group dating for teens opting for healthy friendships over romance.

Second, make household rules about dating and make them stick for every child in your home.

This way, no child feels singled out and when rules apply to everyone in the family, they are more palatable.

Every parent must make decisions about dating and if your fifth grade daughter tells you she has a boyfriend, you'll have to make some decisions sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately for our kids, there is a lot of pressure, even as early as the fourth grade for boys and girls to pair up.