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The site says it will not accept a profile unless the user is 13 or older and that users 13 to 17 can’t chat or share photos with users older than 17 — but there’s no age-verification process.

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That reality is not living up to his fantasy of being with Rachel. But gets nervous when she sees Dean's sister and instead pretends to be a Girl Scout.He even says he feels like he's "settling", and doesn't sound so in love. Rory interrogates the girl as to whether Dean ‘has or had' pictures of Rory in his room. Rory runs away when she hears Dean, but he sees her.Tristan jokes that he ‘gives her permission' which annoys Rory; she walks off. Luke had broken into Lorelai's house to ‘prove it was a cheap lock' and Lorelai confronts him for avoiding Rachel.Paris, Madeline and Louise see the tickets and Tristan gloats to them that Rory is going out with him. Rachel can't find Luke and says he's been missing their lunch dates. He says he's not used to having someone living with him. And not used to someone expecting him to be anywhere.Leo trifft sich mit seinem Schtzling Daisy und erzhlt ihr, dass er sie vor ihrem Freund Alec getarnt hat, damit ihr nichts geschehen knne.

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Paris confronts Rory about betraying her – using her. Paris gloats over Rory that she got the editor job on the paper for the next year – and will have the power to determine what sections Rory will cover.Oben angekommen erblicken sie einen schwer verletzten Leo auf dem Boden liegen.Sie versuchen ihn zu verarzten und whrenddessen erfahren auch schlielich Piper und Prue, dass Leo kein Mensch ist, sondern ein Wchter des Lichts.Max has come over for the town meeting – and has provided the candy for the Gilmores.The troubadour brings up the issue of the second troubadour and there not being enough room for the two of them.…" – Lorelai "We should get married." Lorelai says nothing to that – she says that a proposal has to be something more than a desire to end a bickering match. Lorelai and Rory run to each other from opposite ends of the street.