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The variant spelling kalends is more common in modern classical scholarship, reflecting the Roman preference for that spelling.
There’s also diving and sailing around the Dodecanese islands of Greece in the Aegean and around the coast of Antalya. Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey and quite a feat to accomplish.

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If it was a narcotic that would be different to me.

A person should be able to decide how they want to live-what they want to deal with.I'm a little bit heavier every week- and I was Flaca-skinny.I'm getting where I can dig in my yard-and am finishing a landscape project that I started before the statin hit me.I get so tired- my skin is okay now-but my stomach is bothering me a lot. I'm trying to do some exercises-stretches to keep my body from crumpling up.The FDA doesn't care they ruined my life-killed my hounds-make my disabled son cry and fear.I wasn't anemic, so they kept having MRIs to look for brain cancer or mini-strokes, as the symptoms got worse. What bothers me is that I take an anti-cramp/spasm medication for my spastic stomach. when i was on a statin i didn't think it was hurting me till i weaned totally off it then i get another blood work done and my triglicerides were sky high again so i had enough pills left so i started back on them and in two days i was screaming in pain and was bedridden for days as i couldn't even walk.