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Men seemingly open to dating “anyone and everyone” eventually include a “no black women” addendum. The online dating world is also stacked against black women and Asian men.
Buckingham Fountain is an iconic Chicago attraction known for nightly light-and-music shows.

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WATCH: Zoe Kravitz on Living With Nicole Kidman and Dad Lenny Kravitz When They Were Engaged: 'She Was So Nice to Me' The pair had been spotted together at a Beyonce concert, and the caller asked Kravitz if they had also been hooking up.

WATCH: Did Jennifer Lopez Just Call Drake Her ' Booty Call'?

This builds anticipation & keeps the momentum moving forward all the way through the entire process. As they rotate through the group, they will write notes to help them remember what was discussed and where their interest level was.

3) Check list: Each person will have a check list with either a) each person’s twitter handle, name or I. This will be useful, again, later during the “smack down”.

4) Setting up the rotations: Split the team in half. You can move in a normal rotation (move to your left each time) or you can trick it up by asking participants to randomly move (move to your right 3 spaces then move to your left 5 spaces).

One half will be sitting down, while the other half will be rotating from one person to the next in 3 minute intervals. Make sure that someone who knows how to do math is in the room if you do the latter.

And she's also very professional so it was not weird at all." For more on Zoe's take on Kidman, watch the clip below!

If some information is exchange that piques your curiosity, then students or staff should exchange twitter handles or email addresses or somehow identify each other.

It might be useful to set up a Padlet to allow those who are interested in similar topics or exchanges to post experiences or reflections in groupings (much like the beginning part of an edcamp).

If you do a name tag try to make these can be fun as well. I think next time I’ll use the “gangsta name” machine (or the more PG one here) to produce massive quantums of street cred for my peeps (mine is ).

2) Instructions: Announce to your group what speed dating is, why you’re doing it, and to respect the clock.