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Integration of the new data with previous work is reconciled in the context of a protracted cooling history for the intrusion that reflects the depth of emplacement (i.e., 10– 12 km) and potentially high geothermal gradient due to the radioelement-rich nature of parts of the complex.

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Consequently, it is important to document precisely the age of intrusion and longevity of the magmatism and related hydrothermal systems in order to understand the geological evolution of areas underlain by these intrusions.

The results presented here indicate an age significantly older than the Ar mica dates and are discussed in the context of the cooling history of the MB. 1 Geological map of southern Nova Scotia showing the general geology of the Meguma terrane and the location of the Musquodoboit Batholith and other intrusions referred to in the text.

Area indicated as Eastern plutons is referred to in the text and some of these intrusions along with their ages (U-Pb) are summarized in Table 1. Preliminary age study and initial Sr of Nova Scotia granitic rocks by the Rb-Sr whole rock method.

Recently, Culshaw and Bhatnagar (2001) showed that emplacement of the SMB overlapped some ductile deformation of the Meguma Group and that fold development, although in an advanced stage, was not over at the time of batholith intrusion.

The presence of coarse clastic rocks of the Fammenian Horton Group (Martel 1993), representing the basal part of the overlying Carboniferous stratigraphy, resting on granitic rocks of the SMB indicate that uplift, denudation, and unroofing of the granite intrusions of the Meguma terrane occurred by ~360 Ma.