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Even more fun, the system is Below is an applet created with Processing which illustrates the process, it starts with a randomized concentration of the activator an inhibitor agents, and a small set of frozen points in the grid which help creating “vortices”. [Turing 52] Turing, Alan, “The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Vol. [Turk 91] Turk, Greg, “Texturing Surfaces Using Reaction-Diffusion” Ph. Thesis, 1981 [Asai 99] Rihito Asaia, Emiko Taguchia, Yukari Kumea, Mayumi Saitoa, Shigeru Kondoa, “Zebrafish Leopard gene as a component of the putative reaction-diffusion system”.Or if you’ve done something wrong when you get silence, or whether you’re being too “needy”?! They’re still into you and have put you on hold “just incase”. Bread-crumbing: when you’re being led on, just enough to keep you thinking they’re interested, but not enough to make you know they are committed!“Bread-crumbs” can be random low-key flirty, texts, Facebook/Instagram likes, Snapchats etc.You don’t have to take part in the games if you TRULY want something real and committed, but you have to take responsibility for the part you play.No matter the latest trends, some things remain classic!They keep the whole interaction going but don’t offer any follow-through, sometimes not even dates! They think you’re great, no complaints, but they also have other options that could be better.