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When I write about parenting with the hopes of depicting my perspectives truthfully, anxiety necessarily seeps through. It feels like expressing or not expressing anger is something you struggle with, and, again, I find that true of myself as a parent.

I was pretty even-keeled before I had children, and now I feel like I lose it at least once a day yelling about shoes.

A lot of the other comics try to grapple with our country’s sick relationship to guns.

When my daughter was a baby, it was easy to feel like she was safely cocooned in a world that consisted only of her and her immediate family.

Mike Dawson: A degree of anxiety strikes me as a healthy response to these times, even for someone like me, living in fortunate circumstances. That said, I’ve probably always been prone to worry.

I’m not consciously trying to bring worry into my work.

My consistent desire in comics is to try to write honestly. I’m worried about my kids encountering all the obstacles they’re bound to run up against in their lives.

How do you gently expose your kids to the dark side of existence?

Is there something understandable in the kind of deliberately ignorant tribalism that seems to shape more and more of our discourse?