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Either we grow in faith, hope and love, or we collapse into sloth and, perhaps, ultimate loss. Resolve to spend time in prayer, at least a half an hour every day. Jerome said that ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of God. If you find this too burdensome, know that this is the deadly vice of sloth. The Cardinal virtue of Fortitude, "the virtue that ensures firmness in difficulties and constancy in the pursuit of the good" (Catechism #1808) is absolutely essential to your spiritual survival, especially when in the deadly grip of sloth.
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Link to code This simple app demonstrates how you can fill out certain input fields when a Shiny app loads based on URL parameters.

Link to code When creating Shiny apps with a lot of code and a complex UI, it can sometimes get very messy and difficult to maintain your code when it’s all in one file.

It’s a bit difficult to debug on (one thing you could do is try to use the log files), but there’s a quick and easy way to see any value in a Shiny app in real-time.

Link to code Traditionally, a only accepts tabs and menu items inside of it.

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Each link contains a complete functional Shiny app that demonstrates how to perform a non trivial task in Shiny.What you can do instead is have one “main” UI and “main” server and split your UI and server code into multiple files.This can make your code much more manageable and easier to develop when it grows large.Link to code When using a conditional panel in the UI, the condition is usually an expression that uses an input value.But what happens when you want to use a conditional panel with a more complex condition that is not necessarily directly related to an input field?There can be many different ways to achieve a similar result using different combinations of HTML/CSS, this example is just the simplest one I came up with.