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“Angela asks questions like what is your name (to address you) and what is your age (to keep children away from certain topics).” So having Angela ask a user his or her age is the chatbot version of the age-gating Web sites have to do to comply with COPPA, the US children’s privacy law.Lame Safety Mode If you have a child who’s intrigued with the app and has downloaded it, get him or her to show you what it’s like to converse with Angela and see if you’re comfortable with how it goes.And check out Wilcox’s interesting answer to CNET’s question about the challenges of creating artificial intelligence characters for kids – e.g., having to “think like a child and write for a child.With the advent of chatbots, many people are having trouble distinguishing if who they're talking to on the Internet is a bot or, in fact, human. It was designed to test the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent, humanlike behavior.And here’s the app company’s privacy policy for further info.

As of 2017, no machines have truly passed the Turing Test, but there have been claims that a chatbot by the name of Eugene Goostman passed the test in 2014 by fooling 33% of the judges involved into believing he was a human being.The Turing Test was created to see if robots could pass as human. To pass the test, the machine’s replies would have to be indistinguishable from a human's in a five-minute test. The Turing Test was developed by an English computer scientist by the name of Alan Turing in 1950.“Angela successfully captures the teen personality,” its developer Bruce Wilcox told CNET. She’s strictly a conversation agent, residing locally on the phone.” That last point is important because Talking Angela is not a social app – the conversation is just between the user and the cat on his or her phone. No one else can participate or take over (unless a couple of buddies are talking with the character together on the same phone in the same room).Some parents are still nervous about what Angela asks, and the CNET reporter asked Wilcox about that.It was created by award-winning programmers Bruce and Sue Wilcox, whose bots “are the only ones to have qualified for the [World Turing Test] competition’s finals each of the last four years,” CNET adds.