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Occasionally haunted by his past but living in his dystopian present, Joel is surprisingly easy to root for. He retains shreds of his humanity as best he can, considering the extraordinary circumstances he finds himself in.He has a sharpness to him, but a tenderness, too, which he occasionally displays to his partner, a woman named Tess.The messages you post here can be tracked to any GTAForums account you may have, so please don't post anything you wouldn't post at GTAF.Also if you're asking a question and don't immediately receive an answer, try hanging around a while.In the time it took me to beat The Last of Us, I came to care about Joel, and I became invested in his story, and the stories of those he meets along the way.The Last of Us takes place in 2033, so the regular world Joel harkens back to on occasion is one you and I understand. Joel can be cold and ruthless, but those around him have the propensity to be far worse.Everything that happens is immediately more memorable, more powerful, and more poignant because your surroundings are so believable.

From there on out, the two are virtually inseparable, even if they are at first skeptical of one another, forced together by circumstances in a world where trust and faith are in extremely short supply.

It’s Play Station 3’s best exclusive, and the entire experience, from start to finish, is remarkable.

I lost myself in Naughty Dog’s vision of a pandemic-ridden United States, in the characters that populate this unfortunate wasteland, and in their individual stories.

It’s the story of the characters at hand, and those characters alone, at the center of both plots.

The beauty of The Last of Us when compared to The Road, however, is that it’s fully interactive, complete with all of the vulnerability, uncertainty and perpetual insecurity such a situation inherently provides.