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From a young age, I incorporated that axiom into my belief structure.But here's where the problem comes in - what I would want "done unto me" is entirely different than what another might want.Likewise, "Putting myself in the other person's shoes" would have me doing something very different than what another person might envision doing in a similar situation. But - is a failure to fully grasp individual differences truly that unusual?If it were, then why do we have so many relationship self-help books such as "Men Are From Mars: Women Are from Venus" or "The Five Love Languages", to help us decode each others' signals and thought processes?On a personal note, during a recent very debilitating illness I've experienced at first hand how extremely callous NT people can be on a routine basis.My access to treament and care seemed to be far more dependent on my ability to sweettalk people than on my actual medical needs.Actually, I think the truth lies in between: AS particularly is just being recognised as a neurological mode that affects many more people than had previously been understood (Baron-Cohen's own Autism Centre research suggested unofficially last year. All the same, it's apparently not autistic people who start wars, see images of abused children every night on tv and do nothing, or walk past injured people in the street.In other words, it's not them and us, it's all of us who have difficulties to some degree or other with relating and empathy.

Many people with autism and Asperger's are very close to their pets, and are very nurturing and empathetic toward them.I've been routinely bullied and taken advantage of even by professionals and 'carers'.When I was in the hospital I saw autism specialists treating a physically poorly low functioning autistic man with the most appalling patronisation and even cruelty. It's all too easy for people who believe themselves to be 'normal' to cast neurologically different people in this 'unempathic' light.The typical interpretation of the movie has the autistic character, Raymond, doing things that could be characterized as lacking empathy.But Zaks' article turns this interpretation on its head, wondering if, perhaps, it's not Raymond who's lacking the empathy, but the non-autistic character, Charlie. Or: The Truth about Empathy in Individuals of the Autism Spectrum," researcher Isabel Dziobek outlines her study on the subject of empathy. Dziobek - "More generally speaking, our data shows that people with Asperger syndrome have a reduced ability to read other peoples' social cues (such as facial expressions or body language) but once aware of another's circumstances or feelings, they will have the same degree of compassion as anyone else." What do you think? As a woman who was assessed late in life with AS, I too question very profoundly this presumption that people with AS do not have feelings and empathy.These barriers often lead to those nearest to the individual feel, whether real or perceived, a lack of empathy from the individual.