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A Polyamory Networking Group on Maui: This list is to help facilitate communications between people on Maui who are friendly toward polyamory attitudes of love and relationships, and who would like to meet, network, and get to know each other through informal gatherings or activities--with no dues, no membership fees, no "leaders"...Open public support and social group for people in the greater St.

Each interest group meets on a specific day of the month at locations that the group members vote on.

Discussion forum, resources on polyamory and related subjects, social networking, and interpersonal support.

This club is meant to provide a place for poly people in Iowa to connect and communicate.

For people interested in and/or already involved in, or who are completely supportive of, poly/non-monogamous relationships.

A forum to discuss strategies and issues related to building healthy and happy poly/non-monogamous relationships.