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"But I never met him, I never mentioned him in an interview, I never mentioned him in that way to anybody that I know. Anytime any [media source] ever says `a friend said,' or `a close' whatever—no, they didn't! It's clear she'd rather talk about anything else, but she submits, perhaps eager to set the record straight.
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It was the only way a woman could inherit her family's wealth, which was particularly important in a society in which blood feuds resulted in the deaths of many male Albanians, leaving many families without male heirs.(However, anthropologist Mildred Dickemann suggests this motive may be "over-pat", pointing out that a non-child-bearing woman would have no heirs to inherit after her, and also that in some families not one but several daughters became sworn virgins, and in others the later birth of a brother did not end the sworn virgin's masculine role.) It is also likely that many women chose to become sworn virgins simply because it afforded them much more freedom than would otherwise have been available in a patrilineal culture in which women were secluded, sex-segregated, required to be virgins before marriage and faithful afterwards, betrothed as children and married by sale without their consent, continually bearing and raising children, constantly physically labouring, and always required to defer to men, particularly their husbands and fathers, and submit to being beaten.The Kanun is not a religious document – many groups follow it, including Albanian Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. They cannot buy land, and there are many jobs they are not permitted to hold.There are even establishments that they cannot enter.The Socialist People's Republic of Albania did not encourage women to become sworn virgins.Women started gaining legal rights and came closer to having equal social status, especially in the central and southern regions.Dickemann suggests their mothers may have played an important role in persuading women to become sworn virgins.A widow without sons has traditionally had few options in Albania: she could return to her birth family, stay on as a servant in the family of her deceased husband, or remarry.

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Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted in some establishments, however.It is only in the northern region that many families are still traditional patriarchies.The Albanian Riviera and Lake Skadar are two of the glorious sights to be seen in Albania.) are Albanian women who take a vow of chastity and wear male clothing in order to live as men in the patriarchal northern Albanian society.National Geographic's Taboo estimated that there are fewer than 102 sworn virgins in the world.Some hoped to avoid a specific unwanted marriage, and others hoped to avoid marriage in general.