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What makes us different is our key dimensions of personality that will match you based on your beliefs and values as well as what matters most to you in your significant other.

Alpha male online dating

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The top-ranked profiles averaged around 1500 characters (with spaces).

Most, but not all, of the bottom-ranked profiles were far from 1500 characters.

Just in case you didn’t know, I had guys submit their online dating profiles without photos to be judged on a scale from 1 to 10 by 13 unmarried female judges, the winner getting 0. All three of their profiles are pasted below in their entirety, so if you want to just skip ahead and read them, go for it.

Some hot chicks are going to love your profile, others are going to absolutely hate it…and you don’t have much control over which ones are which. You’ll notice on Amazon book reviews, where books are ranked 1 to 5, most people rank books at 1, 4, or 5. People either like something a lot or hate it, and apparently online dating is no different.So take a break from the bar scene, crowded clubs, expensive dating services, and embarrassing blind dates.“What too often goes missing in discussions about being ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ is that status is context specific,” says psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman.So social status can either be achieved through prestige or dominance.The latter would be the traditional alpha, but perhaps the former could be achieved by someone considered more of a beta.The top three overall toughest judges were all age 30 or higher.