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I go weak in the knees when a man I’m seeing comes to rescue me from a broken pipe or possessed electronic appliance.

But somehow, wealth has become synonymous with strength, dominance and protection. I realized that money gave me only options, not happiness, and I wanted to be happy.

Nobody, man or woman, should make you feel like you deserve less.

Despite the strides we’ve made toward attaining equality, many women still believe they have to downplay their career goals in order to find a husband.

I do not feel safe and protected by your bank account. I left my marriage built on wealth and committed myself to the pursuit of true joy.

This commitment includes being outspoken about issues I care about and having a public persona.

The existence of a double-standard isn’t news to anyone — men have always been praised for being assertive, in both their home and work life, while women receive backlash for it.

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We met through work, and our relationship began in part because of our mutual desires in world domination, which translated to making money. I began to hide my achievements so as to not offend my husband.Studies before this one have shown that men like the idea of a smart woman, but when it comes to dating one they feel their intelligence is being threatened. And why does it become our responsibility to not make men feel threatened?I don’t want to dumb myself down in order to appeal to a larger pool of men.This is only one part showing why our marriage dissolved, but it became a big part.I have been single and dating for three years now, and I continue to interest men with my ambition, intelligence and success.Women enjoy more freedom today than we had in the past and we need to ensure this continues.