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Other epistles written by Paul were directed to Christians living in Greece (1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Philemon, Philippians, 2 Thessalonians) and Rome (Romans) between the 50s and 70s of the first century.
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From FEED and pre-engineering through to design, detail engineering, procurement, manufacturing, testing and lifecycle services, PG is a total solutions provider for chemical injection, MEG/TEG, process & utility pumps, water injection, bespoke subsea pumps and well stimulation solutions.Together with customers and partners, PG designs, engineers and builds the market’s most efficient, high-welfare products and pumping solutions for live fish, including high-flow low-pressure seawater circulation pumps, high pressure jetting solutions, heaters, coolers and freshwater generators. I'm looking for a soul mate 40 - 55 yrs, goodhearted,.. I'm flexible about having children and I'm willing to live anywhere with my soul mate. I like corresponding and would like to live abroad with my future soul mate. 2-6 yrs, playful, strong, handsome, don't bite, don't puu puu often for Money. I'm friendly, romantic, social, talkative, athletics. Seeking a soul mate 35-70 yrs, kind, goodhearted, financially stable. People who reasonably infer that God created nature, particularly living things, do so because they readily associate the distinctive characteristics of highly skilled workmanship to what they observe.This workmanship is demonstrated in multiple parts working together for a purpose (i.e., engineered design) that we observe in both living and man-made things.Optimal maintenance and reduced lifecycle cost are secured by applying professional service support.Through proprietary solutions, unrivalled system integration experience, an innovative approach and engineering competence, we provide our customers with significant time and cost savings through tailoring flow solutions that suit their specific requirements.

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From bareshaft pumps to engineered turn-key solutions, including control and automation systems, electric or hydraulic drives, plus commissioning support and training, PG is the global market leader for OSV cargo systems with an installed base of 1,500 systems.One researcher working on reverse-engineering biological networks concluded: We have also found that despite their vastly different substrates, biological regulatory mechanisms and their synthetic counterparts used in engineering share many similarities, as they are both subject to the same fundamental constraints that govern all regulatory mechanisms….Notions used in the study of engineering control systems such as optimality…and feedback are invaluable for understanding biological complexity.Creationists, therefore, should confidently use engineering-based frameworks to explain biology. First, because the Bible teaches that God’s engineering handiwork in living things is obvious due to its correlation with human engineering; and second, because that teaching is readily affirmed by numerous studies on reverse-engineered biological systems that were methodically disassembled piece by piece to discover their operation.Thus, we propose a new concept: Engineering principles underlying how human-designed things self-adjust to changing environments are the most accurate way to explain how organisms adapt themselves to such changes.They ascribe to nature an imaginary law-like creative power over organisms, believing that it somehow selects for traits just like a real human breeder would.