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Jesús habla de que el amor es el “mandamiento” más importante. Él nos dice que los dos mandamientos más importantes son que amemos a Dios con todo nuestro corazón, con toda nuestra mente, con toda nuestra alma y con todas nuestras fuerzas, y que...
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“Thanksgiving” was my favorite episode this season. I just came to New York to visit the writers’ room and talk about my life and what was going on so they could pull from it what they wanted, and [co-creator] Alan [Yang] asked me, “Hey, how did you come out?” We had this long conversation about it, and how religion didn’t play a huge role in my family, and I grew up in a house of women.“Thanksgiving” is a paean to the beauty of annual rituals and how we think about real and imagined families. We covered a range of topics, the way you do when you connect with someone immediately.Unlike the more laconic Denise with whom she’s become associated, Waithe speaks quickly and volubly: There’s a lot to say, and she’s going to say it.There's the panini press, which she says she loves to give away to guests, and the pricey bike perfect for your casual stroll around the neighborhood.Related: Oprah Dazzles At Her Extravagant Brunch Party Oh to be Oprah!

” So then my nerves got turned up, but the closer I got to it, the more excited I was to dive in and play with her. I know every role, every little tiny thing she’s ever done. I also have a really small family, so I came out to my sister first. She really, genuinely, didn’t want me to tell my grandmother, so I didn’t.We met at the bar of Maialino, where the Master of None cast and crew, who were staying at the Gramercy Hotel right next door, sauntered by to give her hugs and kisses.(Aziz says hi.) She was dressed comfortably in a light-gray sweatshirt that said “Buy Art Not Drugs,” made by the Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley, and black drop-crotch pants.I didn’t even make it back to my hotel when Aziz called and said, “We have to tell that story, and I need you to write it.” I’m like, “I already have a full plate, I trust you guys,” and they’re like, “No, you have to write it.” I was in London filming something, [Aziz] came, and we were in his hotel room and we just banged it out.There were scenes he’d put in the computer, and other things where we’d go back and forth to find the funniest thing.It was the best experience collaborating with someone, because Aziz and I were so comfortable with each other at that point that I felt comfortable putting very autobiographical, vulnerable things into it.