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The moderator will suggest that you use more appropriate services such as Samaritans or Papyrus You can sign up for a chat account or log in as a guest.

If you have an account on the discussion boards too then you might want to use the same name to help the community get to know you.

Don’t forget that once you post something in the chat room it can’t be deleted; photos are easily saved or shared.

Under very rare circumstances we may choose to break confidentiality.

We would involve you in any intervention and only carry it through if the circumstances were extreme.

The general rule is that what is said in chat stays in chat as it says in the Group Agreement. IIf you haven’t already registered then once you’re signed up you will be able to post and receive replies from the community. Just come along to the Live Chat page as normal and log in.

We also ask that you avoid sharing any personal contact details in the chat room such as your email address, phone number or facebook page.

If you want to share a link to a photo of yourself then you do this at your own risk.

Moderators will do their best to help everyone have a chance to talk if they need to.However, please avoid any graphic detail or description of methods (such as where or how you've harmed yourself).Instead, we encourage you to focus on feelings (e.g. If you feel you might be about to harm then we’d ask that you don’t come in to chat so that we can keep the group safe.Try and stick to the same username once you’ve picked one.It avoids confusion and helps you to settle in and build relationships with the group. When chat is very busy it’s difficult for everyone to be heard and following conversations can be tough.Chatters who aren’t able to co-operate risk being kicked out of chat sessions.