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We Aquarians get on well with fellow air signs, Geminis & Librans but also with fire signs, Sagittarians, Ariens & Leos.Our worst matches are Virgos and pisceans...avoid at all costs!!! I do believe that people born under certain signs do have some characteristics of that sign therefore it does matter.There could be many occasions when she will feel neglected not to say,frustrated and she will feel justified in accusing him of not loving her enough . I'm the kind of man wholikes variety and Wendy certainly provides that But the question I have for you goes back to the last 2 statements in the last paragraph Does she feel the need to compete in the sex ring now that you have advised her of your need for sexual pleasures from men?He will find this exhausting and irritating A union is best avoided "Now from what you said : She used to feel sexual inadequacy in thebedroom after I told her that I was bisexual. We argued, just like anyone would but we were very 'into' eachother. If I am jealous by nature, then that's something else I work on. These are only "traits" and we all have free will and choise.

), and Boring as hell Capricorn)But other watersigns (except my own, which I dated and was worst relationship of mine) I agree are good for me.Somehow our very unconventional relationship just works!And I am not jealous of the Idea of him being with others while I am away -- I guess that Is because we Aquarians are so open-minded! We actually met while playing an on-line poker game.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I actually am a scorpio too who was in a relationship with an Aquarian.The behaviors of the astrological signs are follwed by some (to the letter! I happen to be a VERY TRUE TO MY SIGN Scorpio but I also know that I control who I am. I have the control to change who I am, and what I am for the better. If you have alot of planets in other signs, your sun sign may be a weak ruler.