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Love to read learn new things and spend time with friends and family. So it's like I'm s city girl, that Im a very independent person, I dont like anyone tell me what to do.
Mentored by Don Appel, the resort's social director, Caesar played in the dance band and learned to perform comedy, doing three shows a week.

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But like with most fragrances ive tried my skin simply doesnt allow a given scent to project for any real length of time and this was no exception. I dont believe I was simply becoming anosmic, as my coworkers confirmed my suspicions.

For perhaps the first hour to 90 minutes the projection was extraordinary. However, it did not utterly retreat into my skin right away, the cloud simply retracted to a more modest reach around me. Deep incense, sweet dark fruit, the tang of oud all dancing in an out in celebration.

It’s like any dessert that after a few bites it’s so rich that you feel full.

It is sweet and fruity, similar to Aventus, though this is maple syrup sweet. From watching all of these top 10 videos on You Tube, I thought it was going to be something "groundbreaking". Maybe too heavy for everyday wear, more of a special occasion fragrance unless sprayed lightly (once, twice at most). Scent: 10/10 Performance: 8/10 Versatility: 6/10 I really love this.

The Black Berry doesn't start it's diffusive State until after approximately 20 minutes have gone by.

Then, the berry note becomes the star player with honey to polish it off. Nice sillage and longevity, and I love the bottle and presentation.

I will follow up with note details after wearing this a few more times. Delicious, sweet, smokey, fruity , woody, oudy, floral and spicy all in one.

A well-balanced perfume well-balanced (Not obvious for a composition With so many ingredients and in addition those which are the most difficult to Harmonized to know the spices) ... I get blackcurrant but also a spicy/dirty vibe too. The opening was not very pleasant for me and had a very middle eastern vibe although it did improve a bit but i guess this one just doesn't fall into my taste. this scent was reformulated even in his friction cap version, the version I have is a poor performer and has to be oversprayed for a decent performance, interesting patchouly and incense combination..bottle is nearly over and it won't be replaced....

Magnetic cap version: Opens up with a smell reminiscent of fruit jam, which feels very high quality & lasts for no more than 15 minutes & soon transitions to the mid which smells like pure Frankincense with a hint of juicy jam from the top & this phase lasts up to 02 hours. Longevity: 8 hours Projection: 5/10 6/10 Plastic cap version: The opening of this hits you in the face. As the hours pass by it loses the whisky/berry accord slowly while the big punchy oud/frankincense/tobacco/cedar/rose take the stage. This is boozy, blackberry, honey, raspberry, and incense all in one. In the beginning there is this fecal oud smell combined with raspberry.

The scent is pleasing but surprisingly not strong enough even at EDP concentration. This one is elegance in a bottle and for high-status seeking professionals. Likely an older male I have recently purchased this fragrance given all the high praise this fragrance receives.

I will not dissect it down to the specific notes, but in general terms it is a mix of sweet, woody, and spicy notes.

Definitely a special occasion, a gala type of evening setting.

Unfortunately, it is not for me; not for my lifestyle.