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If any discrepancies are found between GIS layers and the published rule, the published rule takes precedence. Washington State's 2008 Water Quality Assessment (WQA) produced in the Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Report format consisting of both the 303(d) List and the 305(b) Report.

Archaeology radiocarbon dating

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Beside a slab of trilobites, in a quiet corner of Britain's Oxford University Museum of Natural History, lies a collection of ochre-tinted human bones known as the Red Lady of Paviland.In 1823, palaeontologist William Buckland painstakingly removed the fossils from a cave in Wales, and discovered ivory rods, shell beads and other ornaments in the vicinity.

When Higham eventually got the bones, his team came up with a more likely scenario: they were closer to 33,000 years old and one of the earliest examples of ceremonial burial in Western Europe.Buckland's immediate successors did a little better.They determined that the Red Lady was in fact a man, and that the ornaments resembled those found at much older sites in continental Europe.Within 30,000 years, 98% of the already vanishingly small quantities of carbon-14 in bone is gone.And carbon-14 molecules from surrounding soil start to seep into the fossils.Tom didn't originally plan to follow his father's path.