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Although I will miss Chris Williams and Britt Griffith on Ghost Hunters, I think they add credibility to Ghost Hunters International.

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It is reasonable to assume the episodes that will begin filming in June would be part of the series' tenth season.The notice was for show within the "franchise," but my guess is it's for the flagship.Pilgrim mentions a filming window that begins the end of June 2014.Since it premiered in 2004 - making it Syfy's longest-running reality show -- the series has experienced high turnover with female cast members with Bruni being around the longest (111 episodes, according to IMBD, since 2008).Berry, has been with the show since 2010, when he made the leap to the main series from the spin-off . ET, TV psychic/medium Chip Coffey (from A&E's canceled ) tweeted "HUGE NEWS! Former co-lead investigator Grant Wilson, who was with the show from the beginning before leaving in 2012, tweeted the "BIG NEWS! that the duo would "bow out." That phrasing is notable because team leader Jason Hawes -- who also serves as producer on His statement that there is a "big differences between 'Bowing out' and 'Impossible demands' in this crazed world" seemed to be a reply to Wilson's tweet.Although not quite a lively and entertaining as Steve and Tango from Ghost Hunters, this pair may prove to be very effective.