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You will stroll arm in arm down scenic and historic streets, sipping tea, eating scones.

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In February 2006, You Tube celebrity Wong Fu Productions uploaded a 15-minute homemade comedy entitled “Yellow Fever,” which eventually became Wong Fu Production’s claim to fame.The movie follows an Asian male college student in his quest to understand why, as he says, “White guys get all the Asian girls.” The movie garnered attention not only because of its hilarity, but also because of its depiction of obstacles Asian men face trying to find a partner. At a modest 5’5” and blessed with a happy round face, the native of Dallas could very well be anyone’s average Asian-American. While very few people completely believe in stereotypes, racial generalizations about the Asian male continuously influence our first impressions and interactions with Asian men on an everyday basis. Those same stereotypes have managed to pass the test of time and still shape society’s general perception of Asian men.This, according to Tran, worsens Asian males’ image of themselves and plummets their self-belief and self-esteem to the point where many Asian men are unwilling to try and be heard as fears of rejection run deep.“I’m not just talking about dating here,” Tran clarifies.

His biggest customers, however, is the Asian male, a demographic with its fair share of romantic troubles.When my students see that I can look past points of insecurity like that, they start to believe that they can do the same.” But classroom sessions aside, Tran’s favorite part of the boot camp is when “[feeds his students] to the sharks,” which involves taking program participants to clubs, bars, and other social hot spots to practice their skills.The first night always proves the most challenging, as Tran describes that many of the men feel “shell-shocked” at being thrust into an unfamiliar environment.“The first time these men or their parents arrived [in North America], they are essentially strangers in a strange land, so they concentrate on things that would help them survive,” Tran illustrates, “So, they focus on grades, quality universities, and good jobs.Social skills, however, are perceived as an aside from necessary survival skills.“I’m also talking about defending yourself, speaking up for that job…based on their experiences, many Asian men are afraid to try and express themselves.