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But if you found a motherboard from a similar Asus laptop that has the same layout then sure. But at some point the time you spend getting it to work will exceed the value of the or so you are saving.

If you are doing it for fun and adventure that is one thing.

My liquid cooling system dripped on my video card and motherboard, killing both instantly. However, when I install the new the grfx card into the machine, Win 7 starts to boot, gets to...

Why would you pay Intel for a Dual core when you can get a Tri core from AMD?

However, the surge in demand for 720BE processors started when a Korean overclocker first discovered that the “defective” core could be unlocked. 790FX/SB750 790FX-GD70 – 1.5B1/1.5B2/1.5B3 Bios – SUCCESS!!

I will keep this post updated with new information and corrections.

Background The current Phenom II architecture is very unique, and is AMD’s answer to Intel’s Core2Duo and Core2Quad series.