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Avira 9 not updating windows firewall

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I purchased an HP computer from the Microsoft Store this last summer.It cost more since it was pure OS and no bloatware. I keep being told that Windows Defender is just as good as any other security software.

avira 9 not updating windows firewall-41

If it is slow to boot and run local programs it could be slow hard drive access (a common failure mode that passes many hardware tests).Maybe before you download anything in the future , you should pay more attention to what's being downloaded Except some of the "heavy-hitter" software that you purchase (such as Norton), also contain download protection that stops you at the point of download.Unfortunately, some of this protection is by only allowing software with a good reputation and, if you are a developer, your test software may not have ANY reputation.If you need help with it, go to the hp website and ask the question based on your computer.Hope this helps I would recommend that you use AVG for a free program.My grandson had malware/adware on his computer called Genius Box.