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However, once the houseguests convened in jury and began swapping stories, Paul's carefully constructed game soon fell apart. If I had nudged it in their face even more, I don't think that would have been the, 'oh yeah, OK. You don't think that if you had copped to playing a somewhat shady game in your speech, it wouldn't have been able to sway even one vote in your favor?

Then, in a nearly identical repeat of last season, Paul lost to Josh by a single vote. Paul: I think they more so wanted to see me lose than they wanted Josh to win. I guess they were mad that I clipped them and that I didn't throw my game away for them or take them to the promised land. Paul: I mean, in my speech I told them exactly what I did.

The vet completely dominated the game from Day 1, orchestrating nearly every single eviction and at one point even getting all the remaining houseguests to throw a foot race HOH competition to someone with a broken foot.

It was truly astounding to watch - not only because of how hard Paul worked to play literally every side of the house, but also because of the gullibility of all the houseguests who thought they were the ones in the alliance with Paul. If I exposed [my game] and just went 'haha, I played all of you' and owned up like people keep telling me, 'you didn't own up to it.' They were clearly already upset.

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After Chad refused to stop Instagrammin' (we feel you, man) Sarah shouted, "F** off then!

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Labelled 2017's Stephanie Davis and Jeremy Mc Connell, Sarah and Chad both cheated on their IRL partners when they got together in the house (although they claim the relationships weren't serious).

Things appeared to be going swimmingly for the new couple in the house.