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Already a pioneer in television, in August of 1951 Korla joined forces with real estate developer Louis D. - December 15, 1939, page 6: 'Midnight Shadow,' an all-Colored cast, real murder mystery, will be presented four days starting Sunday. Redd and his wife spared no pains to show their appreciation of large crops of workers who had served so faithfully during the past year. When Korla passed, we lost not only a scintillating personality, unique American musician and quintessential Hollywood creation; we also lost a wonderful, inventive, and exquisitely original Human Being."When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." Erma Bombeck wrote those words, but Korla Pandit could just as easily have spoken them, for certainly, by the end of his life, he had used everything God had given him.

Johnson, of New Orleans, Louisiana, and, Frances Maria Langford, of Potosi, Washington County, Missouri. This author spoke with Duke Ellington's band member, Wendell Marshall, before he passed (who was a close friend of the author's father), who had already confirmed that meetings such as described in the Smith article (though years later would be the coincidence that non-related conversations would turn up vital information) were nothing more than two knowledgeable African-Americans within the same musical spectrum, who knew of each other's, shall we say, "secrets!These short, filmed segments showcased an individual's talents and were sent all over the (i.e., syndicated) to be used as "fill" featurettes on local television stations. - December 15, 1939, page 6: Advertisement for "Midnight Shadow" at The Star Theatre, St. While the family was in Hannibal, see, e.g., The St. Korla's popularity was spreading and the mystery man with the turban, who was so skilled on the organ and piano, appeared in ten Snader telescriptions. It is unknown if Korla released more records commercially as Juan Rolando. In July 2004, the author visited Columbia, Missouri, in central Missouri, two hours west of St. After having spoken to the same individuals with whom Mr.In 1946, Juan Rolando was heard on the Jubilee radio show, which was created and performed by Armed Forces Radio for black servicemen, and which (mostly) featured Black entertainers, as in show #165 with Juan Rolando - the one-man combo, playing both piano and Hammond organ at the same time (footnote 11). Redd...spent several days at Kirksville where he attended the meeting of the North Missouri Sunday School Convention. Smith previously spoke, much more information was obligingly revealed about the Redd family, once it was known that the author was a Lankford family member (via Rev.Six months later, in February of 1949, Time For Beany and Korla Pandit's Adventures In Music both debuted on television station KTLA in , and television history was made. Ernest Redd gave a Christmas party for their daughter, Miss Ruth Redd, Tuesday, December 30. After some time spent with games and music, they were served in the dining rooms of the parsonage, which was prettily decorated for the occasion. de Clue if you download any or plan to use any for any purpose whatsoever. Pandit's albums are by and donated by David de Clue and the same prior download and reprint notification is requested.