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Within eukaryotic cells DNA is organized into long structures called chromosomes.

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CAM2 Measure 10 leads the market with the ability to connect multiple 3D measurements devices within the same coordinate system, and simultaneously scan into a single seat of software on one computer.This capability allows users to seamlessly scan large objects with rapid speed and precise accuracy and complete 3D scanning jobs faster than ever before.CAM2 International, LLC has formed a strategic alliance with one of the largest packagers in the United States to dramatically increase the geographic area to which CAM2 International can competitively supply its products.

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Users can develop part programs quickly by recording the steps in the first measurement.

The specially balanced additive system protects against shudder, eliminates the need to stock ATF supplements and ensures a high-performance smooth driving experience.

Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance and maintain the smooth lock-ups required by a wide variety of vehicles.

This feature allows for the 2D analysis of scan data over a well-defined area of the CAD.

Users can extract dimensions (radius, angle, height) for analysis, add markers to define locations where labels will show deviations and set the best view for reporting.