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Benefits of dating a tall woman

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Tall girls want to be accepted but ya'll make it hard on us Okay, so I am almost 5'11 and let me tell you, I was not the tallest girl in the room. I feel for those girls because basically, I am those girls.

There were girls towering over six foot that would have to duck under doorways and cramp in their seats.

Just because she's tall guys, doesn't mean she can't be picked up and carried around. It is a great thing to see my favorite artist, even on the lawn seats.

Is long hair or short hair more attractive on women? Here we consider the results of scientific studies on hair length and attractiveness.

Next time you walk in a room, make sure you are wearing six inch heels and a 5'6 guy by your side.

You can expect to receive a lot of attention when you date a taller woman.

I had friends who had guys calling after them but not me, and it started with a guy telling me no guy would date me in high school because I was a giant.

Well, that got me thinking on the obvious reasons why short girls might be cute, but why can't tall girls be appreciated too? So here's to us, the linebackers, basketball players, and giants.