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The most popular band on My is Fall Out Boy, a clever and pathologically sensitive pop-punk foursome.

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"It continues to be fresh for me." He said he will miss Michaels and understands his sidekick's desire for something new and different. And the contestants will have a difficult choice to make between the certain and the uncertain: They can choose to stay at the ranch and work out with Bob and Jillian -- and face elimination after the first week's weigh-in.

But, he noted, everyone's job can be routine unless you look for the extraordinary. "Every new group that comes in here consistently inspires me." He says viewers get to see just a snippet of how obesity has devastated the contestants' lives. "I look in their eyes, and they're dying physically and emotionally. " So, with all this trainer turmoil, what's next? Or, they can depart immediately to work out in a secret location with two unknown trainers. They will be guaranteed an entire month's worth of training before they return to the ranch and then face elimination.

I look into their eyes and they're looking at me for help. NBC is keeping mum about the identity of the trainers -- a dramatic reveal is in the works.

And no word on how or if those trainers will compete among themselves to replace Jillian, or whether both will stick around for Season 12.

“There were a couple of people who were eating at the venue where our wedding was and they said they just had to come in and check out our wedding,” Ali said.

“I told her that I have always wanted to crash a wedding, so more power to her for having the guts to do it.”Jen proposed to Ali while on the beach in Mexico.

(She said she preferred not to go further into details.) She said she chose Africa because she visited there recently and immediately felt at one with the people. The media in attendance was barred from discussing the departure until Monday's formal announcement of Season 11. It's time." Michaels talked about her decision to leave earlier this year, when a media day was held at the new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, not far from the ranch were the NBC weight-loss show takes place.“And she is so amazing—her vows to me were all song lyrics because she is so into music and it was such a romantic moment.I know God loves me because he gave me her.”Having a very traditional wedding was something Ali had always hoped for even though she knew it would seem different to other people because she was marrying a woman.They had father/daughter dances, the dollar dance, she walked down the aisle to Canon in D and they even shoved cake in each others faces.