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“This is reminiscent of someone who asks a person out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in real life; social convention dictates that person buys the drink,” de Leon told by email. Also, there’s no need to spend an entire ‘drink’ on a single phrend exchange.

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When he was forced to break up the band Eckstine returned to his career as a solo singer and by the end of the Forties had become the most popular vocalist in the United States.

He signed a successful five-year contract with MGM Records which, apart from the bulk of commercial numbers, included two distinguished jazz sets with the George Shearing Quintet and with a studio band led by Woody Herman.

He and the Hines orchestra suffered from discrimination when they toured the South.'Here we come to some dance with Earl, the number one piano player in the country, and half the keys don't work.So when we're getting ready to leave, I'd get some of the guys to stand around the piano as though we were talking, and I'd reach in and pull all the strings and all the mallets out.In his early days he used his vocal success to subsidise his big band and it was always a pleasure to see one of his records in the Top Ten, even when the songs were, to the jazz listener, turkeys like 'I Apologise' and 'I Wanna Be Loved'.It has been a tradition that good singers can move easily from jazz or near-jazz into pop music and back.The band was an artistic triumph and a commercial failure.