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Before long, Poitras received an encrypted message that outlined a number of secret surveillance programs run by the government. After describing each program, the stranger wrote some version of the phrase, “This I can prove.” Seconds after she decrypted and read the e-mail, Poitras disconnected from the Internet and removed the message from her computer. K., if this is true, my life just changed,” she told me last month. The refrigerator is not always filled with fresh vegetables.

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With this theory in mind, the paper conducts a close examination of bishōjo games, emphasizing how gender and identity come into play.In Japan, producers and distributors of media are disproportionately centered in Tokyo.By Grassmuck’s estimation, otaku are “media cyborgs” born from the “electronic womb” of Japan (Grassmuck 1990: 6).

By the 1970s, the tumultuous years of military occupation, economic recovery and social upheaval in Japan were over, and consumerism was on the rise (Murakami 2005: 119, 192).The city became an endless space of advertisements, screens and seductive images (Kitada 2002).For Volker Grassmuck, Tokyo is a city where “everything is sign, everything is surface and interface” (Grassmuck 1990: 6).These interactions are also with the machine, contributing to the formation of “techno-intimacy” (Allison 2006) and opening up possibilities of “becoming” with a technological “companion species” (Haraway 2003).Keywords: Bishōjo games, dating simulator games, technology, Martin Heidegger, shōjo, Japan, popular culture.These games and their so-called otaku players provide an opportunity to think critically about human being with technology.