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In its contemporary usage, however, Freudian slip has been carried to extremes and is often used to call attention to any slip of the tongue, especially if such attention might be embarrassing (in a questionably humorous sort of way) to the the cat out of the bag To divulge a secret, often accidentally.

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Eventually, she gave up on structured lessons ­altogether, passing out worksheets for students to complete independently.

During this time, she liked to chat with certain kids, paying special attention to the boys.

Despite her partying, she kept up her studies and graduated from Trent in 2001, but she had trouble finding work.

Desperate, she moved home and took a job as a server at the local strip joints: first the Cabaret, then the Go-Go Club, where she was making as much as 0 a night in tips.

They married in 2010 at the family farm, and she took his name.

With her parents’ help, they bought a modest brick bungalow in nearby Stirling. Jaclyn believed Scott was cheating on her, and she always complained that they didn’t have enough money.

The boys regularly took photos of her, angling their phones at her butt or down her shirt when she leaned over.

Sometimes, Mc Laren would catch the truants and send them to the principal’s office, but she didn’t bother to ensure they arrived.

She’d return home to the farm on weekends, spending time with her family and working as a cashier at a nearby truck stop.

During the week, she would spiral out of control, drinking heavily every night.

Even so, she tried to buy her husband’s attention and affection with extravagant gifts, like a trip to Florida.

At some point, she decided it was time to clean up her act.