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2017-11-01 Direct Download: HD Video MP3 Audio Torrent This episode was brought to you by Headlines Free BSD 10.4-RELEASE Available Free BSD 10.4-RELEASE is out.The Free BSD Project dedicates the Free BSD 10.4-RELEASE to the memory of Andrey A. Some of the highlights: 10.4-RELEASE is the first Free BSD release to feature full support for e MMC storage, including e MMC partitions, TRIM...Some ports offer different flavors and subpackages you can choose from. 1: vim-7.4.135p0-gtk2 2: vim-7.4.135p0-gtk2-perl-python-ruby 3: vim-7.4.135p0-gtk2-perl-python3-ruby 4: vim-7.4.135p0-no_x11 5: vim-7.4.135p0-no_x11-perl-python-ruby 6: vim-7.4.135p0-no_x11-perl-python3-ruby Your choice: You can select which version you want to install very easily this way too.

It's recommended to properly set up sudo instead of using the root account, and the FAQ has instructions for that.

While attempting to update all my ports / installed ports with portmaster.

I receive an error code 1 while attempting to update uhidd-0.2.0_1 to uhidd-0.2.0_2.

To get your initial copy of the ports tree, you can either download the -stable tree directly via CVS like so: # cd /usr # ftp BSD/`uname -r`/gz # ftp BSD/`uname -r`/SHA256# signify -C -p /etc/signify/openbsd-`uname -r | cut -c 1,3`-x SHA256gz Signature Verified gz: OK # tar xzf gz # rm gz SHA256# cd ports # cvs -d [email protected]:/cvs -q up -r OPENBSD_`uname -r | sed 's/\./_/'` -Pd Be sure to choose a mirror that's close to you for better speeds.

Open BSD's -stable ports tree is frozen on a per-version basis, other than for security updates or important fixes.