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Certain bacterial enzymes are induced by beef for its digestion.

These same enzymes can change co-carcinogens into carcinogens. a) Dietary fat (from animal sources) have a dual role in cancer. a) In the chapter on Diet and Nutrition on the effect on prostate cancer, Dr.

d) Cooking meat generates 2 types of carcinogens – heterocyclic amines (HAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Animal fat has been proven to be a factor in many other illnesses, and that nothing good has ever been shown about high animal fat consumption, except perhaps that it tastes good. b) Animal protein has many undesirable health effects.

HAs and PAHs that come in contact with the colon and rectal linings during digestion may promote cancer. Susan Love, associate professor of Clinical Surgery at University of California, Los Angeles, U. b) Cancer cells grow better in an environment with a lot of over nourished cells, and the fatter you are the more such cells there are for the cancer cells to grow with. a) The China Study is a massive study on nutrition and its link with diseases such as heart, diabetes and cancer. Campbell, a professor in nutrition, biochemistry and toxicology at Cornell University. Nutrients from animal-based foods increased tumor development while nutrients from plant-based foods decreased tumor development.

Meat consumption has always been a controversial subject.

According to Malaysian statistics, Malaysians do eat a lot of meat. There is no question that meat is a good source of protein.

Although a little protein is essential, more is not better.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Institute of Medicine believe that the appropriate amount of protein to be consumed should be 0.5g to 0.75g per kg body weight per day, while the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society all recommend a diet where only 10% to 15% calories are derived from protein.

All natural foods – from lettuce to nuts – contain varying amounts of protein.

If a varied diet sufficient in calories is consumed, it is virtually impossible to get an inadequate protein intake.

Once the body’s needs for protein are met, the excess must be removed and eliminated.

Firstly, let’s examine the views of some prominent medical doctors on the consumption of meat.

Take note these authors are not ordinary medical doctors. a) Most important, you should avoid eating red meats, especially beef, pork and lamb.