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Following that, Kat and I reconciled and I acknowledged being intimate with another person while we were estranged.""We did move past those issues and I proposed to Kat in mid- December," he continued.

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He hears about the time he tried to commit suicide. When Williams was forced to take the 2015 season off from BYU after violating the Honor Code, he moved in with Neal and his life changed."It's so easy to define athletes and non-athletes," Neal says, "but it's hard to define a human being and what the human being stands for and what the human being will do for another human being. He didn't have to take the time out for me, but he did.At 16 years old, I didn't understand the impact then as I understand it at 48 years now.

But most days, he felt like he was living on another planet. He contemplates."Do you have anything with strawberry? "He's talked into a vodka and pulp, and I roll with the Ole Kentucky. Over the next three hours, Williams takes one-and-a-half sips of his. In fact, outside of the occasional drink with Mom at Red Robin, he says he doesn't drink alcohol much at all. He and his friends talk big, but he'd rather dance in his compression shorts, at home, alone, than waste all night on the prowl."Or you'll wish you were dead."Going full Conor Mc Gregor on your own lungs while tight-roping up a cliff will definitely give you a mental edge over the competition. Neal looks down at his nephew who's about to start run No. How many times, in all, has Williams cleared this hill? Williams finishes exactly the way he started—eyes locked in a scowl, legs churning in a violent stride—and then he decompresses underneath a tree. When he spots an older woman power-walking up one of the safer paths on the hill, he finally speaks."Your turn," he says to me. "His advice is to power through the final 10 yards when it's steepest.Gear down then, and that knifing pain shooting through your glutes will only worsen. Surprise, surprise, this hill is as cruel as it appears. At 13, Neal tried to run away and made it all the way to the Chicago train station.As a senior, he was once flagged for harming too many defenders on a play, with officials citing "excessive use of his helmet."On to BYU, the abandon only intensified. Learned to channel his mysterious inner rage."Right here," Neal says, juking branches around the hill, "it's like you're dodging linebackers."Not to mention, one segment of the hill is fall-to-your-death terrifying.Miss one step and you spill into the cacti below."You'll be dead," Neal half-jokes. When the other 21 players on the field were hyperventilating, he grew stronger.Over dinner, he met with a handful of people in power."We're eating," he recalls, "and they're like, 'Is there something you want to tell me?