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Asian men are either portrayed as celibate, pure, martial arts heroes or one dimensional token minorities.

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“But their ‘husbands,’ boyfriends, pimps–assholes–get them false documents and put them to work.Authorities try to control it but can’t overcome the mafias. Others open them.” Quinonez, age 46, said she runs a tight ship at Las Hermanitas and handpicks her workers to avoid minors.When pressed for her age, she admitted to entering the business at 15, but said a growing number in Esmeraldas are starting out as young as 12.That is three years younger than the national average age of minors who entered the sex industry in 2006.ESMERALDAS, Ecuador (WOMENSENEWS)–The clients start filing in shortly after lunch. “The hardest thing is when a drunken client comes in. A young woman sits to the side, forlorn, making no effort to get their attention.The second most common reason was fear of their partner, with 81 percent reporting a history of abuse.

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Small corner shelves support personal belongings, ranging from vanity mirrors to condoms to nail polish.Jacklyn says the financial responsibilities of motherhood lock her into sex work.“Girls do not enter this job because they like it,” said Pavel Tenorio, a 22-year-old pimp working in Esmeraldas. This is a business that does not fail.” A 2008 survey of underage sex workers showed that the majority–42 percent–cited economic reason as a primary motivation for their activity.This oil port, tourist destination and province bordering Colombia has a high concentration of formal and informal brothels.It is one of the country’s centers for the sexual exploitation of minors, according to a 2008 Organization of International Migration report.One strategy pimps use is seducing a teenager and then forcing her into sex work.