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Clearly, there is a lot of double-crossing going on.

Rebecca, is there this questionable fine line that she is just using Nikolas, developing her own revenge plot, yet she is smitten with the dark prince? Do you think it’s that these two are truly “in-love”, and not just about, “I’m so attracted to you, I just want to jump your bones? TYLER: We can’t get into this chest-bumping contest, if Nikolas is going to lose every time. When we talked several months ago, and Nikolas had turned more to the dark side, and became more Cassadine-like, you were trying to find the motive behind some of his behavior.When Hayden learned of Nikolas and Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) plans to keep “Jake” from knowing he was really Jason, she planned to meet up with the man who can’t remember his past, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) and divulge the truth!But alas, Nikolas ordered a hit on Hayden, and stopped her in her tracks.Ultimately, she leaves the room and makes a secret phone call.So, Tyler: where is Nikolas at with her at this point?Worried she knows too much, while falling head over heels for her?