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But four years later, while in college, the girl lodged her own complaint against Travis.

During their trysts, the student told probers, she was “blinded by what I thought was love.” She later realized that Travis had exploited her and said she was “concerned for the safety of students at the school,” the report says.

Would it have been different if it were a male teacher and an 18-year-old girl? There is no question that there is a double standard in sex abuse cases, and nowhere is it more apparent than in what seems to be the growing number of teacher sex cases.

We all react with shock at the very idea of a male teacher "taking advantage" of young women in his class; I can't imagine a panel having trouble with criminal charges in such a case, no matter how good looking the man, indeed, especially if he were good looking.

Then Travis had sex with the student at least four or five times during her senior year, says a newly released report by the special commissioner of investigation for city schools.

Travis, now 36, had the girl perform oral sex on him by the park’s lake and volleyball field, the report says.

"Wish I'd had a teacher like that in school," men say. First, it demeans male sexuality as unworthy of protection, without regard to age.A Brooklyn high-school teacher was busted four years after repeatedly having sex with a student in his car and in Prospect Park — when the girl came to the realization he “took advantage of her youth,” records show.Jay Travis, an English teacher at Brooklyn Studio Secondary School in Bensonhurst, first flirted with the teen in 2009 and “engaged in sexual conversations” in text messages. Under a Texas law passed three years ago, teachers who have sex with their students may be convicted of a felony and sent to prison for The boy in question was 18. Amy Mc Elhenney, age 25, was arrested on May 25 for allegedly having sex with one of her male students at Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas.She writes the "Portia" column for American Lawyer Media and is a contributing editor of The Los Angeles Times.