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Carbon dating earthquakes

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Together the results indicate three large earthquakes (i.e., 1838, 18; all greater than magnitude 6) over 68 years along the San Andreas Fault. The new results suggest that the San Andreas Fault System shifted character from a sequence of several large earthquakes in the 1800s to one very large, multi-segment earthquake in the 1900s.

I didn’t memorize the specifics, I just made sure I knew where they are in case a question asks about them. It has some advantages, but the passage is not saying that we should get rid of radiocarbon dating and only use lichenometry.

Historic accounts highlight three significant earthquakes in 1838, 18 in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions.

Previous paleoseismic studies on the Santa Cruz section of the San Andreas Fault could not distinguish all of these events in the Earth’s surficial layers.

The author discusses how lichenometry works and its advantages over radio-carbon dating.

This section has paragraph summaries and an analysis of the passage, links to the explanations for the questions are below.