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The studio heads report into people that have no affinity for movies. But what leadership means is thinking things through instead of just jumping on a popular bandwagon.As opposed to periods of change in the past, no one above the studio bosses have our specific industry solely in their purview. Who is speaking without a vested interest, be it NATO or the “Pipes? The only thing that has proven true over time is the movie business has assimilated change. I would argue that most of the negative impact has been caused by studios not thinking things through for the benefit of movies, not their owners’ other businesses. First, instead of understanding the nature of moviegoing, we have ignored it and based decisions on cash-flow desires.But when they really want it (eg, ) they go out and see it. In the absence of everything being available in the same window at the same price, the results are meaningless.

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“We’ve now decided we will put the Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ movies on this app as well,” Iger said during a question-and-answer session at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media’s communications and entertainment conference held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.And, though it’s less of a sexy discussion, why aren’t the leaders of the industry doing something within their power—making movies better. Marlon Brando and James Dean emerged as movie stars that spoke to a generation. The overspending on marketing is one more item not being addressed by the industry leaders, and it is their overspending that makes the mid-level picture less of a viable choice. It dared everyone to bring their pre-teen kids to see it. Rules are guidelines but should always have someone questioning them.I cannot imagine sitting around in an executive position and simply watching the modern age of television (in streaming) come and steal the thunder away from movies. The actors/characters doing that today are on some form of TV. In Hollywood today we are a tale of two cities: In one sense we’re Detroit of the past—where it wasn’t about the car, it was about sales numbers. If theatrical movies disappear in the next decade or so, it would be self-fulfilling prophecy.Disney CEO Bob Iger on Thursday delivered a blow to Netflix, saying the company had decided to move Marvel and “Star Wars” films to its forthcoming streaming service, set to launch in 2019.The announcement ends speculation about what would happen to the Marvel and Lucasfilm titles currently being streamed on Netflix.When television first broke on the scene, it caused a lot of hysteria about the future of movies but what it mostly did was prod movies to get better. We’re good because we’re successful and who cares whether anyone likes the machine. The ultra-rich living in penthouses while the poor live in with nothing in between. You can make a 0 million tentpole without hesitation or raise money on an under M without a stutter step (as long as there’s a star in it), but try to make something not sequel-able, something of visual size or scope, that needs effects, and you could be banished to the same world I was with . The world will be a darker place and the culprit isn’t new technology, it’s the people who didn’t think things out.