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Play to your strengths, and you’ll come of as charming and worth getting to know.

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The strawberry Gelato I'll dream about - and how can you deny a place that has all that (including Bánh Mì) but still makes a kick ass iced coffee? I think we are doing more good than we think we are by showing ourselves on You Tube and things like that.When I go to these shows, yeah,, maybe they are more predominantly Asian and there is a lot more Asian Americans.

The violin is electric and plays these really trippy synthy sounds.

He was offended at the very essence of what this movie did.

Disclosure: Sarah and I think the scene where Borat asks a stock boy what this is and the answer is “Cheese” over and over is absolutely hilarious.

Most of the lyrics are pretty funny, with some pointed lyrics.

But the really impressive thing is that he is playing a six string bass and getting all kinds of great sounds out of it.