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Using adaptive and immersive approaches, we can tailor and modify individual student instructional delivery methods that respond to different learning styles.For persons who require treatment, surgical intervention such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or genioglossal advancement may be helpful.25Many patients with intellectual and physical disabilities develop swallowing difficulties, which can lead to choking, aspiration, malnutrition, and poor hydration.26 Aspiration is particularly common in patients with neuromuscular disorders, is often silent,27 and may lead to significant pulmonary pathology (e.g., aspiration, bronchitis, pneumonia) and even death from respiratory infection.28 Hypoxemia occurring during oral feedings can be identified by monitoring the patient with pulse oximetry.29Speech pathology consultation with a fluoroscopic swallowing study can document the presence of aspiration and indicate dietary changes or postural changes during swallowing to minimize aspiration.Because of a limited evidence base, the use of a feeding tube to avoid aspiration with oral feeding is controversial30; however, malnutrition may require nutritional supplementation through a PEG tube.31 Patients who experience aspiration from reflux may benefit from fundoplication or placement of a jejunostomy tube.32A person with poor verbal skills may have difficulty communicating discomfort related to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).Particularly prevalent in persons with Down syndrome, GERD may cause unexplained sore throat, choking, cough, or changes in behavior.33 Esophagogastroduodenoscopy may be better tolerated and require less patient cooperation than radiographic procedures.It also provides more specific information about the degree of inflammation and pathology and allows for intervention (e.g., dilatation of a Schatzki’s ring).Health issues in these patients include respiratory problems, gastrointestinal disorders, challenging behaviors, and neurologic conditions.