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Founded by Jennifer Haskins, Two’s Company is the culmination of many years of research into the dating scene in Ireland.
The bridge creaks and quivers as you cross and is obviously in poor condition with one of the rope handrails missing.

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However if any situation causes the blood-filled cushions to become dilated and irritated, then you get a whole host of mostly irritating symptoms that require treatment in some form or other.

It is literally a split in the skin at the edge of the anal outlet and just like any split in the skin in any part of the body it is a particularly painful issue.Typically a fissure is characterised by intense pain when passing a bowel motion.This pain can last for a few to many hours following and can also be characterised by small volume bright red rectal bleeding as well. Those that are most prone to having this condition are women with sluggish bowels who generally do not have a daily bowel habit.Haemorrhoids come in many shapes and forms and can cause symptoms that are widely variable from woman to woman.Some of the commonest symptoms include painless rectal bleeding that usually occurs with passing a bowel motion and occasionally in between times, pain, itchiness and the presence of irritating anal skin tags.Like all anal conditions, early management is the key to early success. A fistula actually is a tunnel or connection going from the inside of the body to the outside of the body that shouldn’t be there.