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Depending on the time and day of the week, you may find yourself surrounded by anyone from suited Citibank employees to guys in their 50s taking shots to a Russian bachelorette party to a group at a nearby ad agency just looking to get trashed on a Friday night (all true stories).

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It’s My Turn Kaleidoscope Him Out Let’s Do It In 3-D Octa-Gone Wild Rated Holographic Sexagon Spin Me Round Tickle My Triangle Visit Me in Prism Awakening Cafe Mystique Cranberry Flame Crystal Ball Edgy Copper Exotic Cranberry Fuchsia Seduction Golden Glamour Ibiza Metropolitan Modern Elegance Optimistic Primavera Radiant Rust Rapture Red Alert Red Essence Rio Sleek Sophistication St.

Tropez Urban Attitude Verano 2004 Abalone to Shimmering Blue Beige to Gold Blue Glitter to Teal Glitter Blue Glitter To Yellow Glitter (not original) Clear to Lavender Top Coat Clear to Nude Top Coat Clear to Pink Top Coat Coral to Purple Creme to Golden Yellow Gold Glitter to Pink Gold to Brown Green to Lime Green Light Blue to Lavender Light Yellow to Plum Pearl Orange to Rose Pearl Pink to Peach Pearl White to Lavender Pearl Pearl White to Mocha Pearl Pearl White to Peach Pearl Pearl White to Pearl Pink Pink to Orange Raspberry to Plum Ice Sea Blue to Violet Silver Glitter to Lavender Glitter Silver Grey to Blue Silver 2002 Black to Silver Blue to Green Blue to Silver Shimmer Blue-Black to Silver Clear Bright Pink to Silver w/ Gold Glitter Bright Red to Pink Bright Red to Sparkle Orange Bronze to Gold Brown to Gold Brown to Pink Burgundy to Red Gold to Light Metallic Gold Gold to Lime Green Green to Gold Hot Pink to Light Pink Lavender to Clear Glitter Lavender to Oyster Pearl Light Blue to Pink Light Green to Gold Light Navy to Sparkling Pink Light Pink to White Lilac to Silver Lilac to Silver Glitter Magenta to Pink Medium Pink to Light Baby Pink Orange to Gold Orchid Yellow to Green Peach to Petal Pink Pink to Silver Plum Red to Brown Gold Plum Red to Shocking Pink Plum to Baby Blue Plum to Red Purple Shimmer to Blue Shimmer Purple to Light Blue Purple to Shocking Pink Purple to Sparkle Blue Neon Purple to White Rust to Yellow Sea Green to Light Blue Seafoam Green to Champagne Shell Pink to Shimmer Gold Silver to White Sky Blue to Silver Teal to Gold Teal to Peach Turquoise to Pearl White Violet to Pink Blue Black to Silver Clear Blue To Purple Bright Red To Sparkle Orange Glitter Day Glow Rust To Yellow Golden Brown To Golden Mauve Iridescent Pink To Baby Pink Lemon To Coconut Cream Mint Green To Seafoam Green Neon Purple To Neon Blue With Blue Glitter Orchid Yellow To Glitter Day Glow Green Pearl Mocha White Purple With Rainbow Glitter To Opalescent Glitter Raspberry Orange Sherbet Salmon Creme To Peach Teal To Silver 2000 Awakening Beige Chiffon Cafe Mystique Copacabana Cranberry Flame Crystal Ball Dusk First Light Fresh Start Grape Crush Ibiza New Day Orchid Shadow Primavera Rapture Red Alert Resolution Rio St.

I also love that it’s not jam packed with the glitter, it’s dispersed quite nicely.

Water Taxi is one I swatched quite a long time ago as you can probably tell, but it’s still up there as one of the best. I have yet to see another color like this one and it’s extremely gorgeous in person.

I like the blue but what makes this special is the copper glitter.

Nail polish and jewelry are in two different fields, we can have a true Tiffany blue if we wanted one. Tell you what I am lemming: BB Couture Impact Driver. I’m sure you have more blue polishes than I do but I probably couldn’t choose my top 10 because there are sooooo many beautiful blue polishes 🙂 I’m glad to see my all time favourite blue Yoga-ta here. I have to admit a fondness for China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic.

Maybe someone at these polish companies aren’t doing their patent research? Before I saw that collection, I stuck mostly to pink and red. I really like how Water Taxie looks, though it reminds me a bit of Essie Huckle Buckle.

What can I say I am a sucker for all things this color, and this is my favorite one! is super close to China Glaze For Audrey, but this has a very subtle shimmer, which makes me like it more.

Also while this wasn’t the easiest to apply, it was a little better for me than For Audrey. Little known fact: Tiffany has the color “Tiffany Blue” patented so while there may be a lot of colors that look very close, none are the real Tiffany blue.