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I didn’t have a computer so I browsed the gold membership guys on my cell phone. " data-reactid="23"YP: Do you or the girls have a relationship with their dad? GS:  I was with him for almost eight years, but I broke up with him last year because he wouldn’t get serious about working a steady job or getting his own place — he lives with his grandma.
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'There’s a very large older population in China that by sheer weight of numbers is winning the pressure war.If women don’t get married and have a child then in the eyes of their more conservative parents and grandparents they haven’t achieved harmony and they’ve failed.’ It doesn’t help that educated young women are barely given a chance to find a husband until it’s supposedly too late.'Because I’m an only child it’s harder, as they are relying a lot on me.’ Women born under China’s one-child policy, introduced in 1979, face enormous pressures to succeed academically from parents whose own aspirations were thwarted under the Mao regime.Meanwhile, their grandparents – many of whom can still remember mass famine – are piling on the expectations, too.

Chinese culture has maintained at best a mixed response toward disabilities dating back from the era when Confucius ideology ruled the society.

'I always dread Chinese New Year,’ says Yang Ziyang, a 32-year-old talent agent earning in excess of one million RMB (£100,000) a year, 'because that’s when my extended family come over to the house and they all want to know why I’m not married yet.

I tell them it’s because I have standards that I’m not willing to lower.’ Touching an expensive-looking bangle on her wrist, she goes on, 'I think my parents understand a bit more – they just want me to be happy – but my aunties always say things like, “Oh, do you remember that girl you went to school with? ” It's very frustrating.’ Wu Manling, 30 and a magazine editor, agrees.

Attitude Toward Disabled Persons (ATDP) Scale was translated into Chinese and tested for reliability.

ATDP Form B was administrated to examine attitudes of high school aged students, both with and without disabilities, toward individuals with disabilities in China.