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Chris pine and zoe saldana dating

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It certainly gave me a lot of material to work with. I have a huge amount of respect for him and his approach.

It was just great to have those two characters that are so diametrically opposed to each other, be forced into a situation where they had to depend on each other to survive, and through the process, come to a deepened understanding of who they both are.

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A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.== Summary == {{Information |Description=Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine participating in a '' Star Trek'' panel at Wonder Con 2009.

I talked a lot with Simon about how to nuance what particularly was Kirk's trip in this whole thing.

Once we landed on the idea of him growing out of and moving out of underneath his father's shadow, that made a lot of sense to have some great fun and the other stuff and those key moments.

How being overly worked and being away from home and all the things that keep you grounded, can put a strain not just on the intimate relationships that you may have, but also the professional ones.

I thought I would never see the day, I would walk into the Enterprise, and we're kind of not rolling our eyes at each other, but we're not that excited to see each other.

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We all carried it with us through this production, for sure. You can't destroy the Enterprise." My problem was that, if you think it's something new, then we see it before it happened in Search for Spock, [before] it happened in Generations.I thought, "Okay, well this is a great place to start," because I can only imagine where we're going to end up. We're dying to be close to each other, we're dying to save each other, and we get back together.I thought, “Okay, that's brilliant.”That relationship with Spock and Uhura felt so normal and human to me, that it's the consequences that may occur when you decide to love your coworker in a lovey-dovey way.We wanted to create a hybrid of an episode of the original series with a spectacular cinematic event.These films, the Star Trek movies, have always been event films.It was obviously a great opportunity to explore a lot of comedy, but it also really deepened the relationship between the two, and by the end of it, they were able to go back to their respective corners with a bit of inside knowledge, and I think that it's, for a lot of fans, a rewarding direction. In a movie franchise where we're used to spending so much time together, all of us, really, on the bridge of the Enterprise, in many of our adventures, it was actually really nice to have so many days where it was only Karl and me together, and we got to know each other and appreciate each other, already more than we already did, which was already a significant amount.