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The Adventure of Link is a direct sequel to the original The Legend of Zelda, and again involves the protagonist Link on a quest to save Princess Zelda -- who is not the same Princess from the first game, but another member of the royal family by the same name, who was placed under a sleeping spell a long time ago.
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Officially they have rural residency, but spend most of the year in urban areas.

In 1970, an average of 5.7 people lived in a Thai household.

The United Nations classifies Thailand as an "aging society" (one-tenth of the population above 60), on track to become an "aged society" (one-fifth of the population above 60) by 2025.Entirely preventable is the leading cause of death among the age cohort under 15 years of age: drowning.A study by the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Centre of Ramathibodi Hospital revealed that more than 1,400 youths under 15 years old died from drowning each year, or an average four deaths a day, becoming the top cause of deaths of children, even exceeding that of motorbike deaths.The bond that forms between a person and a companion pet can be incredibly fulfilling and serves, in many ways, as an important and rewarding relationship. Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal For instance, having a dog as a companion could add years to your life, as studies have shown that owning a dog played a significant role on survival rates in heart attack victims.Studies have also revealed that people on Medicaid or Medicare who own a pet make fewer visits to the doctor.At the time of the 2010 census, the figure was down to 3.2.